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Network Download: What Do You Want From A Half-Life VR Game?

Network Download is a week by week dialog centered articles arrangement distributed (typically) every Monday wherein we represent a solitary, center inquiry to all of you, our perusers, in the soul of cultivating exchange and discussion. For now, we need to comprehend what you look for from a Half-Life VR game after some ongoing bits of code proposing one is without a doubt in transit.

Hardly any computer game establishments have as much greedy help encompassing them as Valve's Half-Life arrangement, do in huge part to the cliffhanger finishing toward the part of the bargain 2: Episode 2, yet in addition due to how earth shattering and compelling they've been for armies of PC gamers and engineers.

A year ago we broke the news that Valve is taking a shot at a Half-Life VR game and its being planned as a prequel or some likeness thereof to Half-Life 3. We know nothing else other than that. What's more, today, we provided details regarding an ongoing find of some puzzling co…

Network Download: What Do You Want From A Half-Life VR Game?

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